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June 29, 2015


Man shoots down neighbor’s hexacopter in rural drone shotgun battle

(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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Tomorrowland today.

I saw Rural Drone Shotgun Battle open for Drive-by Truckers


Damn revenooers! Now they's flying over us, Uncle Jeb!

This is SO precisely what I've been envisioning. I can't wait til Amazon drones are shot down by UPS anti-aircraft fire; and the Domino's pizza drones are intercepted by Pizza Hut ground-to-air missiles. And the amateur 4th of July celebrators launch their displays via drone to detonate at 2,000 feet, and are targeted by paramilitary bazookas. Friendly skies, my a$$.

Extra credit essay question: Assume drones are legalized for private use, the current no-holds-barred firearms laws remain in place, and beer remains widely available. Discuss possible outcomes.

The new golden rule: sue thy neighbor

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