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June 27, 2015


...because you can buy poop desserts.

(Thanks to Ralph K.)


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Oh yum sugar coated poop.

I thought Before poop deserts can become a law, both houses of Congress must pass identical versions of the poop.

Cheap enough, but it tastes like c$ap!

Earwig Alert: Be Our Guest

Be our guest,
Be our guest,
For we know you're not impressed.
If your tastebuds are not picky,
we will serve you poop from Mickey.

Raise your drinks
This stuff stinks
Makes you really stop and think.
Is this the way
you want to raise your child?

Please take this poop away,
You served it yesterday!
And besides, I'm Fastpassing
All the rides!

*raises a poopsicle to pirateboy*

They have family-sized portions at the "Jurassic World" café at Universal Studios.

I don't think they are "authentic" unless they come with parasites.

Are`they selling raptors yet at Universal?

At Disney, you can buy Goofy.

And speaking of Goofy, if Dave wore that costume
to his reunion tonight, he's have lots of memories.

Looks like a faux poo to me.

Some questions should remain unanswered.

Teaching kids to clean up after the dog. It only works once.

...whereupon we owe Disney a debt of thanks for banning selfie sticks.

that's not poo, that's shampoo

*snork* @ Kennef !

Heard on the news today: "My grandfather told me he wants to buy a selfie-stick. Every time he sees someone taking a "selfie", he is going to hit them with the stick.

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