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June 28, 2015


What, Nobody Wants To Sit Next To This Unattended Bag Of Snakes On The F Train?

(Thanks to Madeleine and Ralph)


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I've used the F train almost every day for years, and yet it took me a few seconds to realize that the "F" in this headline stands for... just that, the actual train.

Now, if you move this bag o' snakes to a plane and put it up in the air and get a couple decent actors to interact playfully with the snakes, then you might have something. Snakes on a train? Just toss them off at the next stop.

This is why you need to bring your snakes on the subway.

Sssssit right down and resssst a while.

You're not following me. That's Snake. He's the Conductor. He runs the train from his little booth.

Obligatory: Too many snakes on this F'n train.

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