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June 26, 2015


Two Hurt in Beaver Attack

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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Beaver sightings like this causing injury were taboo at the high school library, The Beaver Shot Palace.

I'm introducing a Beaver Control Bill next session.

Two men were injured when they were attacked by a beaver near Lava Island Falls

eruptile dysfunction ?

Beaver Attack sounds like a good movie. Who else was in it besides Two Hurt?

It's dangerous to live in Oregon. One stupid mistake here gets you killed.

Same old story. Two guys who can't leave beavers alone.

All double entendres aside (yeah, I'm no fun), if two guys came charging into my laboriously crafted dam, I'd bite the f*c out of 'em. That's even worse than using the guest towels.

Nonetheless, those things must remain in civilian hands.

"...when they climbed into a beaver dam and were attacked by the animal protecting its home."

Beavers live in lodges, not dams. It's damn near impossible to climb into (as opposed to onto) a beaver dam, and incredibly stupid to try to climb into the underwater entrance of a lodge. I suspect these guys were already around the bend.

Here in Oreegooon, we have folks that live in the city and have jobs and pay taxes, and then the rest of the state is full of 'Deliverance' red-neck cow-mounting freeks.

If they can't shoot it or hump it, they will destroy it.

It was a dam, not a lodge, and they were on it, not in it.

Beaver Attack recently opened for Pussy Riot in Moscow.

"When your beaver attacks" was an educational film
we saw in high school. I think a government-friendly division of Disney made it.

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