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June 26, 2015


Escaped Giant Rhea Bird Can Disembowel A Human With One Strike

(Thanks to Azaliah Yadinah-Parker and Charles Cates)


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Yikes. Stay out of Nottinghamshire.

"They're quite stealthy."

Well, THAT'S reassuring.

That's a lot more severe than the "3 Strikes, You're Out" laws that we have here.

this guy better watch his back

I always say keep you backside covered....

So it ranks somewhere between sharks and cows on the death scale?

So this is a rheapeat from 2014

I'll be cowering behind France if anyone needs me.

BOLO. And when you find it you know where to send it.

A giant Rhea? Run backwards for the hills...

(Ask Danny DeVito if you think this isn't scary...)

Escaped Giant Rhea Bird Can Disembowel A Human With One Strike.
Let's get some lawyers (solicitors) and put on a show!

The 'Dis' in disembowel is not a prefix. The word was designed by way of grammatical camouflage to inflict unimaginable grammatical pain and a pitiful death.

- In the future when watching Jeopardy or something, and the answer is, which Dave Berry blogger coined the phrase 'grammatical camolflage'? The name manual tomato could be worth remembering.

And if the kick doesn't disembowel, it can cause dysmenorrhea.

"A fugitive rhea roamed the English countryside for two months in 2014. It was eventually shot and turned into gourmet sausages."

It was the Denny's special of the day.

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