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June 26, 2015


Pee, not chlorine, causes red eyes from swimming pools

(Thanks to many people)


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Chlorine is actually good for healing up things. It does wonders for planters worts on feet but only if you are in clean waters to begin with.

I'm sorry to disagree with the article because if you put some of the chlorine pool chemical in your eye, I guarantee it'll irritate and turn your eye red. That's why it's important to check the balance of pH and chemicals.

The Fireside Theater Guide to Swimming Pools,
Candaian Edition.

Wait an hour before going into the pool. Repeat until time to leave.

a sign I once saw at a swimming center said:

"OOL" ....... There's no 'P' in our pool let's keep it that way!

I suppose the sign could have said just 'L'

If this is true, the water in my high school pool must have been 90% ... umm... not water.

always taste the water before dunking.

I always told my kids if they peed in the pool a red ring would form around them and everybody would know what they'd done and then laugh at them. They still believe that.

nursecindy, I had always thought that there was such a thing, but it's actually an urban legend:


Another childhood myth gone to smash...now, I suppose, I can go ahead and eat those lemon seeds, because a tree will NOT grow in my stomach when I do.


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