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June 27, 2015


This weekend this blog is attending its 50th high school reunion. So blogging will resume later. If this blog can remember how.



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Dude! (you'll be hearing that a lot!!!)

Be cool, and don't forget who you are. Enjoy the music. Remember all the good times when Paul was still alive. Be open to learning math.

(or maybe left...)

That was mean, Manual.

I mean, would you like being compared to or
mistaken for the world's oldest zombie
self-proclaimed song writer?

Ha ha - didn't get me, manual.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me four hundred times, whatever.

What were we talking about again?

*SMACKS* manual. I went to my 30th high school reunion a few years ago. It was really nice seeing everyone again but the highlight of my evening was seeing the head cheerleader. Back in the day she was a real snot. Without going into specifics, let's just say she was the oldest looking one there and we thought we were going to have to give her two chairs to sit in, iykwim. On the plus side she was a lot nicer.

I went to my 30th and missed my 40th. At the 30th, a couple of old neighborhood buddies had a woman I didn't know come to my table, sit down and say, "hey, remember me...you must...I never told you!" I'll just tell you she was insinuating I had had sex with her in HS and she had our child. I was just now informing of all this at my table at the reunion! I was absolutely aghast!

When they let me off the hook, my buddy got a giant laugh to say the least. I was actually beginning to shake.

Wow how time goes by. Well you have fun Dave. You have a birthday coming up too pretty soon.

I eschew such foolishness. Who want to hang around with all those old fogies with their Botox and Viagra.

This reminds me of my retirement plan;
1- Get me one of them golfin hats,
2- Get me a big ole Cadilak,
3- Take thet Cadilak to a mechanic and have a govner installed an' set to 35 MPH,
4- Superglue the turn lever to the right,
5- put on my gofin hat and drive my Cadilak 'round the beltway, in the center lane, all day long.

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