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June 27, 2015


This weekend this blog is attending its 50th high school reunion. So blogging will resume later. If this blog can remember how.



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Post #2?

Does the double posting indicate something we need to talk about? Congratulations, fellow 1965 graduate (though some of us are a year younger).

Have a blast!

Also, you better hit the Post button a couple more times to make sure that the internets don't lose your facetime thingy.

Dude, Deja View!

Is it coincidence that yesterday's page in Dave's 2015 page-a-day calendar was an excerpt from his column advising that we NOT attend our 40th high school reunions?

Let the Herman's Hermits lurching begin!

Bring your Pulitzer so you can rub it in. Some of those losers are probably just doctors and lawyers!

Judi should be fired. But Dave never remembers anything unless Judi reminds him.

you make me feel so young

The Washington (double) post?

Whippersnappers! Stay off my lawn!

This post's for us; the other one is for the other guys.

Ha ha. Old people are soooo stupid.

My sides are splitting from laughing at the stereotype in the pic.

How about posting some pics of black people and watermelon, next?

Stereo Type? Don't let the blog door hit you on the way out.

I'm so sorry.

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