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May 28, 2015


“Our goal is to get students more comfortable with these mortifying scenarios,” lead researcher Dr. Benjamin Lok said.

(Thanks to Jon Harris, who, inexplicably, failed to note that "Robotic Rump" WBAGNFARB)


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why don't they jes call it a 'robutt'

"At present, many medical schools often pay a lot of money for actors to simulate patients to help students develop..."
I suppose 'actors' is one term for it.

"...provide a deeper challenge for students," *SNORK*

dang.now im going to have to find a real job.

why don't they jes call it 'corn holing'

Never make zee doctor uncomfortable. And have more sex.

" Hello, Senator Reid. " ( I never forget a face )

Does it include sound effects?

Is anybody surprised that the dateline is San Francisco?

Doing this examination on men saddened doctors. Hence the term 'prostate with grief'

This is known as a UPS exam: up....

direpoop, that one got me laughing out loud.

Where can I get one of these? I want to connect my doorbell to it.("for assistence insert hand here").

BTW, Did I mention the chocolate pudding?

Undoubtedly better than practicing on the real thing...for all involved.

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