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May 26, 2015


Legislature considers bill allowing hunters to wear pink in effort to attract more women

(Thanks to Charles Cates)


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Just to be clear here, it would be the GIRL hunters wearing the pink. Mostly.

This reminds me of an old hunting joke:

After years of asking, Fred finally relented and took his wife, Ethyl, on a 2 day deer hunting trip. Midway through the second day, Ethyl tripped on a loose rock, and her gun accidently discharged, striking Fred in the side.

Horrified, Ethyl rushed Fred to the local hospital.

"How is he, doctor? Is he going to make it?", she asked, worriedly.

"Well, Ethyl, he'd be a heck of a lot better shape if you hadn't gutted him!"

If Gov. Scott (Vader) Walker agrees to wear pink this has my support.

May I suggest a pink tombstone with "R.I.P." printed on it? It could be the hunters new symbol, much like the pink and/or yellow ribbons.

Just saying. (Put that gun down, or at least don't point it at me!)

Why not free Christian Dior junk with ther purchase of a deer tag ?

Yea! I can finally get my two game wardens, seven hunters, and a cow.

Have a Macy's shoe sale in the woods. Sales of hunting licenses will go through the ceiling.

Any species wearing pink will usually attract females, if only for scorn.

There's an Amazon joke in here somewhere.

It's a sadder world without Tom Lehrer, Ms. Flukey.

But isn't the idea of camouflage to NOT be seen?

Oh no, Digger! When did we lose him?

I actually spoke with him on the phone once. Proudest day of my life. He was very funny.

A Wisconsinite is hunting and comes across someone that is a) sexually appealing and b) naked. 'Are you game?' inquires the hunter. 'Yes' says the sexually appealing person. So the hunter shoots the sexually appealing individual.

GEEZ, you give them Gahys a few rights and they can't be stopped... First its pink hunting vests, next you will see the Supreme Court in pink robes... Actually Tony Scalia and his boyfriend Clarence
could wear pink robes together...

I guess that would work if you're hunting women

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