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May 21, 2015


Python Recovering After Surgery to Remove BBQ Tongs

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)

This blog once had a memorable experience involving a snake and barbecue tongs.


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Get well soon, Monty.

Dave: You should have gotten the home-office-demon-desk-snake to eat the tongs by smearing Purina snake chow on the narrow end.

In that X-ray photo, the snake looks like it is beside itself...

Sometimes I confuse Slash, the guitar player for Guns 'N Roses, with Snake. It finally occurred to why I do this so often. Slither

*Reading his story, I can see the blog making these moves trying to convince the snake to run*

If you ask me who is the guitar player for Guns 'N' Roses I will Inevitably say, "Snake." Then I run away.

Classic (not Diet) Dave™. Ahh! So refreshing.

"when I dropped the tongs, the snake went into the patio planter, where it disappeared. It's still out there somewhere, lurking . . ." - dave barry, 2003

"- say hello to my little friends" - the snake, 2015

THAT was a funny column. It was neat to see where great writers get their inspiration.

Is it just me or does anyone else notice the snake's
head was near a zipper and/or possibly a crotch?

And id any body else get upset that the snake got better (and apparently free) health care than we do
on Obamacare?

But I understand Florida's got a new tourism logo:
Snake n' bake in the fun Florida Sun (TM)....

Get well soon, Snakie Poo, said no rational human being ever.

Snakes and tongs.

I'm glad the snake recovered. Now go kill the snake.

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