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May 16, 2015


Inspired by an ancient beauty secret, a group of Icelandic students are hoping to cash in on people’s love of all things organic with a bizarre shampoo made from cow urine.

RELATED: Icelandic public TV network airs 24 hours of sheep birthing

(Thanks to Ralph)


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O'er the lamb parts we washed....

The sheep maternity channel still got twice the ratings of MSNBC.

ewe tube

On the bright side, it comes with a free quarterly shearing.

I love the smell of cow sh!t but ...

Nice to have on at 3 A.M., instead of infomercials...you could count the newborn lambs if you couldn't sleep...

Be a pretty sad day when I wash my hair in cow widdle. About as much chance as getting me to go on a camping trip.

Man: Wow, honey, you look fabulous. And your hair! .. It's so incredibly shiny.
Gal: Aw, I'm so glad you noticed.
Man: What did you do different?
Gal: I doo my 'do with Q.
Man (sweeping her into his arms): Come to papa, baby!
He gives her a big kiss and then stops as his nose detects something he wasn't expecting.
Man: Uh, .. >cough< .. Sweetheart, did you stop by your mother's on your way home? Ha, ha. I think I'm getting a faint whiff of cow.

It's udderly natural. Bulls love it.

And your hair will attract men


I was in Iceland in February. It was dark for 20 hours a day. They desperately need entertainment.

Icelandic cable: Your choice of the Birthing Channel
or the nonstop fireplace burning channel.

I think I'd have chosen....

Urine the money....

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