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May 22, 2015


He was angry about the flight being overbooked and decided to take his clothes off at the gate

(Thanks to Rob Simbeck and Bill Hudgins)


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Yep, nothing left for the imagination alright.

Man, this guy has a weird tan line.

WARNING: rear nudiness

Why don't the ladies ever get this mad?

small dogs *are* allowed in the cabin.

If you want to wear clothes on the plane, that's $ 10 extra, payable at the gate.

he's an aa/us airways goldmember. wait, no. pastymember.

He was afraid his invisible groupies wouldn't make the flight.

Why don't things like this happen when I'm at the airport in Charlotte? In his defense it's been pretty hot and humid here this week.

Come, Mister Tally Man, tally me banana....

Attention Walmart shoppers.

That never gets me on the plane, either.

Usually TSA does that for you.

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