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May 28, 2015


MUNCIE, Ind. (AP) — Police say an Indiana woman stabbed another woman in the eye with a fork in a dispute over the last rib at a barbecue.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Jon Harris)


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Hey, it works. People don't get between me and the ribs anymore.

nothin' like a good rib eye

i get the rib. you get the ribeye

Good thing they didn't also have to make their own waffles.

doh! beat by ligirl

aye for an eye, direpoop ;)

Adam was smart and gave his up, hence avoiding a stab in the eye.

After yesterday's donnybrook over waffles and today's rib wars my friends are going to start believing me when I tell them that the illuminati is up to something with the contrails!

Gotta go make more tin-foil hats...

I have it on good authority nursecindy almost skewered a cousin who tried to grab the last brownie.

"Blinded by the fork,
wracked up like a dude
trying to get the last ribeye..."

I love those 60's songs!

OLD SLOGAN: "I'd rather fight than switch !"
NEW SLOGAN: "I'd rather fight the b##ch !"

Around our office no one ever takes the last brownie. Some one comes along and cuts it in half and eats that half. Someone else then cuts the remaining piece in half and so on. If you take the last piece, you are rude and, more importantly, are obliged to clean up the crumbs and you might have to wash a plate.

Plantman: In my house, no one ever eats a piece of brownie. We just walk by and "even out the line". We can demolish a pan of brownies in an hour this way. Also, I think that if you don't actually put the brownie on a plate, it has no calories.

That's true Jeff. There was ONE brownie left at our family reunion and right before I could get it my big ole dumb cousin snatched it up and ate it. No jury would have convicted me.

Forking idiots.

Some family reunions should only allow sporks. It's tough to threaten people with sporks.

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