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May 15, 2015


Japanese porn industry hit by shortage of men

(Thanks to Alberto)


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Open admissions?

are they good on tentacles

Get them to stand on a box if they are too short.

I think I'm turning Japanese..

I'll have the vegan taco..

Stephanopoulos is a lead man with and a big dong with small stature.

Stephanopoulos is a lead man with a big dong and small stature.

Worth repeating. And thanks in advance.

So, manual tomato, you have this first hand?


I see what you did there.

GS is a big dong, lead man, and with small stature. I stand corrected.

Possible bands to play the benefit concert:

Sex Pistols
Pussy Riot
Stephanopolous Dongs (not a real band yet, but I'm thinking of starting one)

"Shortage" of men? Maybe just this only refers to Asian men anatomy.

I think that Japanese men have learned to treasure and respect women. Thats the romantic in me.

"I was in the pool!"

--G. Costanza

Another tragic effect of global warming.

"I think it...uh...moved!"
--G. Costanza

A fundraiser is a GREAT idea, Dave!

Should we call it PORN AID or PORNAPALOOZA?

We have to support our allies!

Just sad, actually.

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