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May 20, 2015


A beer a day is 110-year-old Nebraska man's secret to a long life

(Thanks to West Coast Rod)


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You might live twice as long! But that might also be
"cruel and unusual" if things haven't improved...

can't speak to two, but if you up the dosage into the 6-24 range, we can talk...or not...that's pretty close to butt stabbing territory also...

(counsel has advised me to post the following disclaimer: Any and all references to the unfortunate butt stabbing incident in west Texas are meant solely as attempts at humor and should not be construed to imply guilt, prior knowledge, or involvement of any kind in the aforementioned incident)

I owe my long life and continued goldurned good health to a life-long diet of raw squirrel meat and daily applications of alcohol inside and out.

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