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May 31, 2015


...and it came off without a hitch!

OK, there were several dozen major hitches. But there always are. And somehow we overcame them all. And it didn't rain. And there was this:


Also the Kohler company had (really) a fine display of its latest commodes:



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Takada had something to do with the airbags on the latest Kohlers. The giant butt could be in danger of being hit with fast flying shrapnel or a quick death.

Who decided that only the nose was visible above ground?

Dave, I want your shirt! When people say to me:
"Where is the nearest restroom?" "I don't have a clue."
"Why is....?" "IDHAC"
"Who will....?" "IDHAC"
"What is...?" "IDHAC"
"When is...?" "IDHAC"
If wearing that shirt, I'd only have to point to it.


So my curiosity is piqued. I suppose that you have to have a giant inflatable nose custom made for something like the Hunt, right? I mean, they aren't available in most party rental stores.

But what does one do with a giant inflatable nose, once the Hunt is over?

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