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May 27, 2015


Self-Driving Volvo Tries To Run Some People Over

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins and Al Barkafski)


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The car was released after producing a Florida license.

"Pedestrian detection functionality"? How about some "Drivers using their brains and paying attention" functionality? Apparently that is obsolete technology.

Eventually, fully autonomous cars won’t let this sort of thing happen

Are they effing kidding? They still haven't figured out how to make a PC that doesn't crash.

Sorry, I find nothing humorous about the very-near-future likelihood that I will be T-boned by another vehicle whose "driver" didn't merely make a mistake but was paying absolutely zero attention because his car would do everything including fondling his privates.

"Volvo. Still very safe, on the inside."

The XC60 comes with a machete and knife as standard equipment; wet bar is optional.

Test markets: Tennessee, Florida, Texas.

Well, wouldn't you expect a Google car to generate a bunch of hits?

Checking another source, the so-called "people" it plowed into were only reporters. I'm calling it a win-win.

" ... and leave the driving to us. "

The Batman-esque graphic was a nice touch.

Penalty flag thrown at Padraig. LOL. As a DBA I can positively state that this is an app problem and not the database. Maybe firmware. Probably Microsoft......

"Playing the part of Christine in tonight's performance will be Volvo . . . "

' . . . Mulva ? ? ? ! '

As an App Developer and a an Oracle DBA, LeDud, I can pretty much guarantee that the problem is that this crash wasn't caused by IOS. Under the hood, I'm betting that you'll find MySQL, .Net and possibly a very small furry rodent which nibbled on the wiring (Should have used Processing! Sorry, inside developer joke...)

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