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May 31, 2015


So to speak.



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No missiles? Maybe next year.

Nice to see the portable offices!

Ooh! I know. It's some sort of American version of Dr. Who, right, with the blue Tardis thingies?

Ooooh, I bet that those doors open while taking picture is just simply jolly

larry, moe & curly : "hello, hello, helloooo....."

Top notch content producers. Check their pockets for stolen urinal cakes.

Please God, do not burst into song.

United they stand.

Who's the good-looking one?

Which is the way the Trojan War started.

Low flow?

I assume there was some kind of remuneration for the product placement. All those celebrities usually get it and in this case there are three celebrities, and there is a tie in as one has a sewage lift station named after him.

snork! @ ligirl

Gene - is that a Jack sack on your shoulder?

Door №3 does not have the same phone number.

Or should I say Door №1 and Door №2 do?

Untied We Stand

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