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May 22, 2015


Man swallows hamster in front of children ‘to show how dear life is’

(Thanks to Judy B.)


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"See children. This is what not to do. Do Not Eat Hamster!"

*sounds of traumatized Korean children, retching*

Want to impress me? Swallow a whistle pig.

No news yet on how that 'gerbil/meaning of love' lesson came out.


Who bit the hamster ?
no, Yu did.
not I !
no, Yu.
no I didn't!
Yes , Yu did!

Or just glue several to your scalp, like Donald Trump did.

How does swallowing a hamster show anything about deer life? Deer don't eat hamsters!

Yu hungry?

Hamster is served!

Tomorrow, class, American delicacy: frog legs.Or
Goldfish, I haven't decided yet.

Yu ought not done that, mm-hmmm.

Tragic that the kids were not teasing a yak.

If he'd choked on it, that may have been an even better lesson.

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