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May 21, 2015


Drinking coffee can give you better erections, says study

(Thanks to funny man)


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How much... ? How much for the entire coffeehouse ?

My buddy says He knows the way and needs no erections.

How does coffee reflect who I vote for?

Ohhhh. Never mind.

I know, some people call this foreplay, right?

High test, please.

No comments about 'cream', please.

So this explains the Starbucks name?

The Rolling Stones had a song called Star*ucker, and
the label called it "Starbucker"....IYKWIM....

Why yes, it helped me put up a second shed in the backyard. And a very fine, sturdy shed it is.

I have friends who drink a LOT of coffee.

*snork* @ fredKey - i like a man who's proud of his,
you know

It all has to do with a shortage of coffee stirrers.

Shaken not stirred.

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