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May 29, 2015


Bird accused of working for Pakistani intelligence is placed in custody

(Thanks to Dan Gilmartin and DaninDallas)


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Obviously a JV organization.

Stool pigeon?

I doubt tickling with a feather will yield actionable intel; requesting authorization to go straight to water boarding.

when is a pigeon not a bird ?

when it's a mole

(24: Pollywood)

General Sedgewick thinks they all should be placed in custody.

It might be a flight risk..... Set bond very high!

So far, not a peep out of him/her/it.

When asked why it was spying, the bird confessed it was for the money. "I was feathering my nest' he cooed.

It begs the question: Do the Indians have birds on the payroll of their clandestine services? What do they collect from them? Do they differentiate that data from other sources? This has the making of a Tom Clancy novel. The Hunt For Red Ostrava Bagdad? Ptarmigan Games? Clear and Present Damascene?

They can't charge him as an adult; he's just a mynah.

Fredkey, I'm going to call a technical fowl on that one!

The Pakistanis are being poultry.

Prolly want some hummus?

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