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May 27, 2015


Germany's bathroom thief strikes again as ministry toilet seats go missing

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Ze Ministry's security guards haff nussink to go on.

Merkel's government has fallen through.

that'll getcher wiener in a schnitzel

The Air Force has replacements on sale for $ 650.00

must be a real loo-nie!

Danny Ocean discovers that all the good stuff has already been stolen.

Ha isn't that something

When they finally arrest this guy his valid FL drivers license should be rescinded. He should be relocated to CA where no one with a valid license, registration and insurance lives anymore.


Der Ty-D-Bol Mann was quoted as saying "♫ Kommandant to my boat, baby... ♪"

When I said I to buy a seat in the German government...

They will be caught, undoubtedly turned in by a stool pigeon.

Police have nothing to go on. Hey, somebody had to say it.

The thief is flushed with pride.

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