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May 21, 2015


Feces rains on Pennsylvania sweet 16

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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I saw Fecal Impact open for Rancid with co-headliner Garbage.

The show stunk.

"Feces fell on Pennsylvania"?

Sing it to the tune of "Stars Fell on Alabama" I guess.

What scared the airplane??

I saw Prince on his Fecal Rain Tour back in '86. Helluva how.

With fecal rain, you know urine a lot of trouble.

I know buses can do it on roads, but planes doing a dump in the air? Where did we possibly learn that from? Birds?

I think someone is sending a message....

now available at amazon: epicenter of fecal impact by turds of misery.

Hence the term "sh*t eating grin?"

Jeff, the lyrics would be
"Feces falling on my head" amd the song (music)
would be that Raindrops song by Bacharach and sung by BJ Thomas. Note i said "BJ"....

*snork @ mudstuffin

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