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May 26, 2015


Cheating English man desperately searches for sex tape he left on bus starring his mistress

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

The bus was starring his mistress?


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Just look the bus with the huge,,,billboards on the side, featuring his mistress.

Maybe she decided to take her act on the road.

I hate when that happens.

It will probably end up spliced into the next GOT episode.

Sorry, I'm a little confused...was the bus starring his mistress or the sex tape... but, I gress it doesn't really matter, either way Mr Cheating English Man (not to be confused with Florida Man) is in deep doodoo.

Is 3M making sex tape? Is that for, like, bondage? Got to check Staples.

50 shades of greyhound

Now showing on You-tube.

I heard it wasn't a Megabus.

My local Home Depot once had a sign advertising "Duck Tape".

But for this, you'd have to channel George Michel and start singing "I want your sex..tape!"

It does, however, enliven the trips on the Geezer Bus by a great deal.

in a holdall that went walkabout

What language do these people speak over there??

This probably happens in France all the time.

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