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May 30, 2015


America's Elite Cows Don't Give Birth — Their Surrogates Do

(Thanks to Gargoyle Socks, who says "and they have Florida drivers' licenses.")


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Udder nonsense...

Curiously enough, I saw Surrogate Holstein open for The Elite Ungulates at last year's dairy festival. I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

Got surrogate?

Then eat more chikkin.

From the headline, I thought this was another story about the Kardashian girls...

I wasn't very moo'ved by this concept. ET cows, indeed!

This explains so much about the Kardashians.

Regular or De-calf?

"She's a big-time cow," says Dan Byers, owner of Byers Premium Cattle, Inc. "She's a freak of nature is what she is."

And who, amongst us blog guys, hasn't said something similar at one time or another? Anyone? Anyone? [crickets chirping]

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