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May 29, 2015


Miley Cyrus Shows Off Long Armpit Hair (Again) in Bikini Selfie

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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Hand me the weed wacker.

Miley Cyrus, long pit hair, and bikini. Nope! Not clicking on that link.

I clicked on it and my eyes are still burning.

shes got donald trump in a headlock.

There is just something wrong with long arm pit hair on a female. So gross and in a bikini too. I wonder if her legs are hairy too?

another runaway pig causing havoc

She's just trying to get us to accept her as an "artist" and not just some kinky exhibitionist.

Then there's this trend:

Soon to be granted honorary French citizenship.

OMG, it's hanging out hirsute(!)

Shhsush! Caprice, don;t give her any ideas.

I won't be impressed until she can braid it.

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