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May 28, 2015


A Franklin woman was hospitalized and charged with DUI after police found her disoriented and with 13 nearly empty cans of whipped cream scattered in her SUV, authorities said this week.

(Thanks to Sharon "The Minx" Lurie)


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Whipped cream would pair well with yesterday's three-fourths empty bottle of vodka. These people should form a carpool.


HA! ralphie beat me to it - i still have my daddy's album

Whip it, good.

Ralph, I have not seen that cover in decades. Thanks for a pleasant blast from the past.

Isn't 28 a little old to be doing whippies?

Huffing whipped cream is what got Martha Stewart on the road to prison.

Soon we'll have no rights left at all.

A cute girl who brings her own intoxicants and whipped cream is every young guy's dream date.
Note: Do NOT try this at home. I did many years ago with one can. Felt nothing, but I had whipped cream all over my clothes and face and most of the kitchen. Had to clean everything up before my wife got home.

Many whipped cream cans use nitrous oxide to propel.

(Commonly known as laughing gas.)

I'm sure she had a good laugh when that mailbox ran out in front of her!

Snortin' Whiskey, Drinkin' Cocaine and high on gas from a whipped cream can.


I reccoment she get "High on Life" !

Whipped cream hangovers are the worst! Ralph, that cover brought back a lot of good memories. It was my mom's favorite album back in the day and she always played it when she did her housework. Thanks for posting that.

Franklin seems like a fairly combative place. Streets named "Battle" and "Cannon" that intersect? Must be quite stressful. No wonder the poor girl was looking for an escape.

And the Mail Box was asking for it.

There's a lot of (r)ejected whipped cream somewhere?!

How many open bottles of sprinkles did they find?

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