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May 22, 2015


Nine brains inexplicably appeared earlier this week along a street in a St. Lawrence County village. How the brains got there and where they came from remains a mystery.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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It can't be from my bosses. Their brains vanished about 20 years ago.

Actual boss quote as we played an game of "Office Bingo", and I had the word "basically" on 4 of my tiles:

"Basically, what we basically need is basically a new way of improving basically everything we do in customer service."

I assume she was basically correct?

Ha,ha, ha, the above post is funny. The beagle's brain was probably bigger than a humans brain. Ha, ha,

Abby someone. Abby who?...

Is this something to do with that "Scientific Phrenology" group?

I've often heard chatter about them "removing brains"
so followers can follow in complete abandonment, and
a process called "emptying", but I didn't believe it.


Pirate Boy was your boss basically correct and did they basically improve the basic customer service, basically?

"...the specimen was possibly from a sheep, not a dog."

O'er the ram parts....

Oh, I hate it when people put out food for the zombies. They think they're doing a nice thing, but then zombies don't learn how to fend for themselves.

Send the brains to Washington. They need some.
(Couldn't hurt)

Snork @ FredKey!

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