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May 27, 2015


Marijuana-Infused Smoked Salmon Is The Future Of Breakfast

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Call me when they perfect the marijuana-infused schmaltz.

And this is OK, but beer for breakfast isn't? This is why we're going to hell.

This changes the food pyramid into a tetrahedron. WoW Man !

Tastes good... like a smoked salmon should.

they should just call it toked salmon

In the days gone by, we used to greet each other with the rather quaint "Hello!

This generation will be greeting each other with the
declarative "High!"

"One salmon over the road, dear Jesus, one salmon over the road..."

"You can get anything you want
At Rosenberg's Bagels in Denver."

The possibilities for pot luck mischief are multiplying by leaps and bounds.

I know I could always be good
Salmon who'll watch over me....

electrical banana
is gonna be a sudden craze
electrical banana
is bound to be the very next phase

they call it salmon-ella (quite rightly)
they call me salmon-ella (quite rightly)
they call me salmon-ella . . .

"I'm, uh... I'm just gonna swim downstream, 'kay, man?"

Marijuana-infused Salmon opened for Phish. I went just for the Halibut.

That show reeked!.

I already can't stop eating smoked salmon. This would kill me!

If breakfast is at 4 p.m., they mean to say...

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