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May 20, 2015


World’s First Gin Made Using Ants

(Thanks to Ralph)


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aardvark martini; shaken not stirred


My Aunt Gin says this is a personal attack on her.

They didn't know about juniper berries way back then.


Great. In the future I wont squish ants....I'll eat em.

Remarkable... yet... " Why " ?

Clankie, you ask uncomfortable questions. Now take your drink and be quiet before they notice we're on Dave's tab.

If you drink it, do you produce anty bodies?

Is there an "anti-doSe"?

I would rather have the ant-flavored mojito ...

But for now, plain old sangria sounds way better!

How far is this place from the morphine brewery?

So if they were made into beer, would they be pissants?

Is this the "antigin" (sic) for excessive drinking?

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