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May 25, 2015


So apparently I've been deceased since 2001.

(Thanks to funny man)


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It was the colonoscopy that did him in.

We hardly knew ye.

Dead man writing!

1918 was a good year: the War ended, Dave Barry was born...

Damn, Dave, you look pretty good for 83...and deceased.

From independent research. they have both the dob and
dod wrong.

I, for one, am glad.

And your last role was in Disco Sexpot.

Not a very auspicious way to leave this earth.

If we assume that you are not actually dead, however unfair that assumption may be, we are coming up on your 100th birthday. Since you, like the Statue of Liberty, were presented to the American people as a gift from France, I hope you are planning plenty of fireworks, a parade of long ships, and a tribute to Moe Howard, who inspired your hair style.

Can this be right? I seem to remember painting fire hydrants to look like Dave Barry during the year-long celebration of his bicentennial.

Ding, dong, Dave Barry's dead!

…but only in the Land of Oz.

Dave was great as Beinstock in Some Like it Hot

Why yes, Dave. Yes it does.

I don't remember ever reading about these other kids. How many of them had a ride in the Wienermobile>

Dave is one heck of a ghost writer.

'Barried alive' ?!

That's what you get for moving to Beverly Hills.

It just feels that way after you drink beverages out of toilet-shaped foam containers.

Dave, I'm so sorry for your loss.

You can stop paying taxes, but you're still eligible to vote multiple times in each Chicago election.

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