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May 22, 2015


Beer-drinking man wearing scuba gear causes disturbance at McDonald's restaurant

(Thanks to Geoff Scott)


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He probably didn't know what he was yelling about either. Dum, dum

Secret to a long life

"As far as wearing scuba gear and having a couple of beers, that's legal," he said.

We still have some rights left.

He wasn't wearing scuba gear. He was wearing a snorkel jacket.

one cranky meal to go!

This is what happens when the creators of " Sea Hunt " run out of story ideas.

snork @ Clankie.

Notice the clever product placement. Because when
we think of scuba gear, we always think of McDonalds.

You never see this guy and Michael Moore at the same time. Think about it.

Was actually drunken, harpoon-wielding ghost of Ray Kroc vowing vengeance for removal of pickle from fillet-o-fish sandwich.

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