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May 25, 2015


The local In-And-Out's gonna be busy.

(Thanks to Charles Cates)


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From flipping burgers to having his salad tossed. Way to go Einstein.

Recent college graduate. Probably got a degree in bitter people studies. Came to find out that the market is calling for people with his "degree."

"had become disillusioned with his work flipping burgers"

Um, what illusions did he have about flipping burgers? I don't think there are even any porn scenarios about that. Now working the deep fryer, on the other hand...

Lighten up, dude!


Want fries with that ?

Prison will teach him the in-and-out.

Another distinguished grad of UC Berkeley makes his mark on the world!

A future career as the Hamburglar?

so it's *In-N-Out* ? never heard of them,
i don't want Anything 'in-n-out' of my buns, thank you

Mine today wasn't burgers but brats and I had to cook them yesterday with my wings for today after work.

One LA employee just couldn't take it anymore... And with all that pressure to perform, what with the new competing Shake Shack coming soon, it seems the work environment became too much for Bloss.

"I want you to get up right now and go to the drive-thru window, open it, and stick your paper-hatted head out and yell 'I'm as mad as cows and I'm not going to shake this anymore!'"

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