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May 30, 2015


Stone-balancing artist Michael Grab, who’s impromptu sculptures are known to frequent Boulder Creek, was stopped during the Boulder Creek Festival by a Boulder police officer who told him he couldn’t balance rocks in the creek, citing two Boulder City Codes, one against rolling rocks and one on destruction of public property.

(Thanks to Elaine Ziman, who notes that this happened in a state where it's legal to smoke pot.)

Vaguely Related: This Stretched-Out Wolf's Pee Smells Like Marijuana

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)

We saw Stretched-Out Wolf's Pee open for Madonna.


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The wolf's long limbs of a supermodel as well as it's ability to carry around a blacklight complete with a 'Let's Boogie' poster also contribute to it's pee smelling like marijuana..

So if you're bolder and shoulder a boulder in Boulder, your outlook is colder, for in Boulder you'll molder, a jail cell beholder--the judge is a scolder, you're stuck till you're older--'cause in Boulder you shouldered a boulder. ('Tis bad in the eye of the Boulder beholder.)

FredKey? This story just went from bad to verse.

*upholder of FredKey* - 'to boulderly go where no man has gone before'

Picture this: A new series of were-fox film o series for stoners. Fox is VERY interested.

What if a woman is wearing an over-shoulder boulder holder?

a NEW country music hit just waiting to be written:
(rough draft, still needs work)

They don't like stones in Boulder,
If you get bolder your cell will seem colder,
Just go on your way
and take your art with you, okay?...

I admit it. I clicked the second link because I couldn't figure out how one could stretch out wolf's pee.

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