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May 20, 2015


Two Rotting Whales in Pacifica Torn Apart, Buried After Neighbors Complain of Stench

Key Quote: "It's solid maggots. They're just raining down off the thing."

(Thanks to Charles Cates)


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I saw rotting whales warming up for a flock of seagulls in Venice Beach. Helluva stench.

The lead singer for The Rotting Whales stated that "While the drummer and keyboard player will be missed, we certainly understand the town's reaction. Strict bathing rules will be enforced from now on."


two rotting whales in
pacifica torn apart
- it's solid maggots

Because everyone loves a good rotting whale story.

Wasn't Solid Maggots an early band Rod Stewart sang for, way before Small Faces?

Oh, the memories (and the smells...)

Seriously, this is a red flag. Do some thinking and linking of current events (going back a few years also.)

We in deep doo doo? Maybe?


*SNORK* at Jeff

* You realize, Jeff, that that particular reference is almost 10 years old?

Wow. Ok. Gets on geezer bus with season 1 of 24 clutched in gnarled fist.

Customer: "Waiter, there;s a maggot in my soup.."

Moe H: "well, don't tell the others. We don't have enough for everyone to have one..."

Customer: You mean you aren't gonna do anything about it?

Moe H: Well, we didn't charge you, but I'll correct that right now...

If you're ever in San Francisco, Pacifica is the place to stay! It's a really small town, just a few hotels and a rough beach, but the photos I've taken at sunset there rival any commercial screen savers you've ever seen.

Minus the rotting whales, of course.

And is that a teapot?

(Sorry, HHG Geezer reference there!)

Or was it a potted petunia that the whale in HHGTTG turned into?

ligirl, I reccomend Keat's "Ode to a Rotting Whale".

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