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April 23, 2015


Map: Who's Having the Loudest Sex in NYC?

More here from The Daily News, which is on top of reporting further on this story.

(Thanks to Jon Harris and Jeff Meyerson)


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Be assured that the Daily Mail is also on the case.

This building is next door to my library (you can see it in one of the pictures).

Awesome alliteration in the story. Great writing!!

They must be watching too much hot, steamy, hay-bale porn.

There's a pull-it-zer in this for somebody

meh, they're probly jes METS fans

Can you hear me now????

Location, location, location.

I had neighbors like this once, about 16 or 17 years ago. One night, some jokester in the building put his stereo speakers in his window and played some lame-a** music that sounded like the soundtrack from a 1970s pr0n movie. It was funny as hell.

*snork* @ manual tomato
- the fumes from the gowanus carnal must be getting to them

Carnal Cacophony and Clamorous Coitus toured with Steely Dan.

I caught a couple having sex in the back lot Monday. I noticed a parked Mercedes bouncing up and down. The guy was absolutely hammering her. Think about it. True. Thanks in advance.

No I did not. I was busy watering the plants.

"The couple could not be reached for comment."

Kudos to reporter for excellent professional standard---tried to contact all parties involved in the story.

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