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April 17, 2015


A bizarre, self-amputating, vertical swimming, serpent-like marine specimen has washed up on the salt marsh at Aramoana in Dunedin.


(Thanks to Bill Moore, who says "If Edgar had a tapeworm, this would be it.")


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hey, here's a Fantastic plot for the next di$ney blockbuster:

a snarky coffee-guzzling parrot,
a superhero wolverine,
a Giant ('what?-i-say-What??) chicken,
a sexy (a la who-framed-roger-rabbit-bunny) dog,
skyfalling (parachuting little green army men?) earthworms,
a daredevil raccoon,
& a beer swigging pony -

All team together to take on the bizarre, self-amputating, vertical swimming, serpent-like oarfish !!

. . . i don't know *where* i got that from

- course the theme song would be 'Let it Row, Let it Row...'

Two videos Shallow water and Deep water. The deep water video shows the stripes are highly reflective and there are almost sparkly red flecks in its long bony crest (~1 min mark). More images of oarfish
That's one freaky looking fish.

passes ligirl some decaf and an oxygen mask for her first post

We're going to need a lot more tartar sauce.

Ligirl, there will be a HUGE battle over this by the creative wanks and nerds at Disney.

SOme will want it to be a scary, magical, wild thriller and otehrs want it to be a family friendly musical for the whole family.

(Being Disney they likely will make both films.)

I had one of these come up through my bathtub drain the other day...

Looks more like a skinny surfboard fish to me. This is exactly why I don't go into the ocean.

Self-Amputating Specimen opened for Black Sabbath.

I think the boffins are just starting to make stuff up.

Psst Ligirl,

I suggest a visit to the nearest Disney store and a talk with one of the princesses. Not that the Disney Corporation would has a chip implantation program, and even if the Disney Corporation did have a chip implantation and monitoring program, which they most certainly do not, it would not be handled by the princesses. But if the Disney Corporation had a mind control chip implantation and monitoring program, which they most certainly do not, which is definitely not run by the princesses as it doesn't exist, then strange ideas for Disney films would not be a sign of a malfunction in a chip, which don't exist because the Disney Corporation does not have a program to implant mind control chips into the entire population of the world.

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