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April 20, 2015


Remember this little guy?


That formerly little guy was part of a team at the Wall Street Journal that just won a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting.

Here's a picture of the newsroom hearing the announcement:


Here's more information on the project they did.

And here's the project.

And here's Rob with Dylan Maxwell Barry, who will one day be very proud of his old man.

IMG_1408 copy


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Big congratulations to you, to Rob, and to the whole team. You've gotta be a proud father!

That puts a lot of pressure on such an adorable little guy, when his father and grandfather have Pulitzers under their belts. Congratulations, Robbie.

First an exploding whale, and then an exploding whale.

Good on you, Blog Jr.

Congratulations Rob. Next. Do an investigative report regarding why so many doctors retire and/or do not accept Medicare because their cost to perform a procedure is more than what Medicare pays. My sister-in-law always saw elderly patients at no charge. Cost more in time and postage to make a claim for payment to the Medicare program.

RE: Oral surgery patients.

We no longer treat patients needing oral surgery. There are no oral surgeons in the area that will perform oral surgery for $14.95. Payment deferred for up to ten years.

A baby and a Pulitzer in the family - Wow!

Congratulations to all.

WOW!! Congrats Rob!! We know there is no nepotism in the Pulitzer Prize - but how many families have 2 generations of prize winners??!!! I'm proud to (not quite) know you!!

On a separate note, I won a Pushitzer Prize for broadcasting - not quite as well known ... kinda like making the MIT instead of the NCAAs (and the only time the censors will allow me to type S**t in my comments)

Revenge of the dorks


Congrats to Rob. The apple hasn't fallen very far from the tree. How long 'til Dylan gets a ride in the W/mobile?

Congrats, Rob!

Congratulations to Rob!

Congratulations to the Blog!

Congratulations to Dylan!

I guess it's a good thing when the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Congrats all around!! I hope I live long enough to see what Dylan has to say when Rob pulls up to his school in the dreaded vehicle.

Congrats to the Barry's present and future.

Remember that speech when Ike promised a Barry and a Pulitzer in every garage?

Me either. But you've all but done that.

Congrats and may happy days ahead!

So maybe New York can save itself.



Almost as big a deal as Lucy and Sophie in Barney & Clyde! Congratulations all.

Hot dog!

And very well deserved!

Mazal tov to Rob! And try not to burst the buttons off the shirt you're wearing today :->

Awww cute picture

You started a dynasty.

Is it really fair putting so much pressure on a baby?

Just kidding. Congratulations all around.

The Bushes and the Clintons might have the White House, but the Barrys have the Prize

No kickbacks, postponed visits at this mental health center..flat salary for me.

Dave for President, OR maybe Rob for President with VP Dylan!!!!

Get those boys some blue shirts, pronto!

Awesome job! Congrats to Rob AND Dave. I bet that ride in the Weinermobile was the inspiration for him to want to grow up and be just like his old man. ;)

A baby and a Pulitzer -- Rob is having a very good year. Nicely done!

Congrats to the Barry family!

so proud and happy for Rob!!!

Good on ya! I saw the Weiner Mobile driving around downtown Seattle back in 2005!

Also, great news about Rob B. Dads always want their kids to do better than they did. One more Pulitzer, eh?

Awwwwwww, wonderful! Kisses all around!!!

Wonderful news I am hoping that the following generations will produce enough Barrys and other word wizards to keep us on our toes and keep us from turning into sheeple.

Totally awesome ... the WSJ reporting on Medicare has been top-notch ... the amount of waste and outright fraud is outrageous. Congrats Rob ... and proud dad Dave! ;-)

Speaking of that, another idea for you Rob and the WSJ staff is to probe more into the fraudulent tax returns. Your recent story about the Alabama Tax Dude who was a victim shows how shameful it is that the IRS hasn't made efforts to stop the BILLIONS of dollars going to crooks.

Mazal tov to the Barrys! What an honor! Enjoy your kvelling, Dave!

Did you ever think this kid:


would one day win a Pulitzer?

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