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April 24, 2015


Having trouble getting motivated to jog? What if, to help you along your way, there was a flying robot always a few steps ahead of you, its mechanical hovering body an exercise in technologically advanced mockery?

(Thanks to coscolo)


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Crikey .. and NO

What if, instead, there was a flying robot always a few steps behind you, holding a Taser and bellowing insults in the voice of Gunny R. Lee Ermey...

Allen, brilliant!

Motivation is not always what you chase, but sometimes what chases you!

If the drone was dangling a bottle of rum, it might work for a certain Vice President.

The only way I'd go jogging is if the robot was a few steps behind me and holding a gun to the back of my head.

Mr. Worf, arm taco cannons.

This would work great on me, if I happened to be a Brittany Spaniel.

Does it have a Predator? That would be motivating.

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