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April 27, 2015


Monkey dropkicks young man after the guy appears to flash the middle finger at the wily primate

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I would have like to be in a band called, "The Wily Primates."

Can you say poetic justice?

I knew that you could.

That's liked not like. Mea Cupa

Karma kick!

GOOD monkey!

Another indication of Global Primate Change.

" Monkey laden city "...? Do they realize how speciesist that sounds ?

I saw the Dropkick Monkeys open for... ah, that's too obvious.

1) undeterred sounds like what happened to the bloke after the monkey kicked him

2) That would not count as a dropkick in American football

3) did you notice who had the sweater at the beginning of the clip, and who had it at the end?

4) that would be 3 lakh monkeys in the state if this had been an Indian website

5) the Shimla Simians WBAGNFA Indian-style RB

6) I am running out of items to put in this list

I went to high school with Wily Primate.

do you love your moinkey or what?

The judges gave the monkey three '10's" but subtracted points for chasing the young man away from the camera.

[I'm sorry. Those reality dancing and singing reality shows have theor toll.]

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