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April 23, 2015


Farmer ordered to take down ‘offensive’ hay bale sculpture


(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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"How about a roll in the hay?"

Classic Aussie response to authority: "Mr. Cook flatly refused the order, however, telling the police officer to ‘p*** off’ and saying he will now light up the sculpture at night."

Their wide, staring eyes are really what sell it, in my opinion.

@ A@Div: Here, here. We should all be telling the governing class to p!ss-off more often.

After seeing the evidence, his defense team bailed.

enaid - i'd call it more of a baleful stare

Ha, ha, ha funny

When I was little we were driving in the country and saw a bull on a cow. When I asked my grandpa what they were doing, he said the one in the rear was trying to get a better view of town.

Hay baby, what's your name?

This will become a mounting problem worldwide.

50 shades of hay.

So that's where the rake went. Been ripping the garage and shed inside out looking for that thing.

Humpin' hay bales, Punjab!
Dibs on the seat next to Daddy Warbucks on the geezer bus!

*snork* @ Clankie!
no doubt the heifer is stacked

Now proudly on display at the National Art Gallery in Sydney.

It's ambiguous. Is that how Cooky was created, or did Cooky create it?

Her ass is grass.

Nothing to see here. Just moooooooove along.

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