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April 16, 2015


She rocks.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Never doubt that some may of really seen something. Yes she does rock

shale mary

I once had a patio stone that looked like Moses

Along Comes Mary.

However, geologist Franco Ortolani said it was "a simple matter of erosion occurring over several millennia."

If it took several millennia for this erosion to take place then this geologist is supporting the miracle proposition - erosion would have had to start working on creating the image of the Virgin Mary before she was even born.

That is obviously a portrait of Zippy the Pinhead.

I don't see it. Does this make me a bad Catholic?

Another penalty flag thrown at ligirl. Awful. Well done as usual. I'm with nursecindy...I don't see anything.....

nursecindy & ledud -

you should not feel so all alone
Everybody must get stoned

The world was movin' , she was right there with it, yes she was...

Obviously Dr. WHo did this already.

Whoever saw it: You need to cut down on your meds.

Or pretty soon she will be chasing you. And maybe make a stoner out you! (like that Dr, Who episode..)

[Grumbles: OKay, where did the Geezer bus park THIS TIME?"]

It looks like a judge with the great big robes and the crazy full-bottomed wig that makes his head look disproportionately small.

I find it interesting that the residents were "quick to capitalize" on it.

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