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April 27, 2015


Intel's New Wearable Computer Allows You To Control A Swarm Of "Spider Bots" With Just A Gesture

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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When they can clean the house, call me.

Dinner will be delayed for several hours. The kitchen crashed, and the oven display panel is now making crude gestures at me.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

Put the man in a tux and he can be the next James Bond villain.

Ladies and gentlemen. Unnecessary noise could cause the watch to perform as if it has been preprogrammed with Window 8.1. So please hold your applause until Mr. Krzanich finishes his demonstration.

Can these "spider bots" feed on "nano bots" ? We may need them.

This is nothing. I know an ex Secretary of State who can control a horde of flying monkeys with a wave of her broom.

Regarding control. She grows on you. You have to get to know her

- & if you throw it, time *flies* chase away the spiders

It's about damn time. If I have to contol one more swarm of spider bots using clunky keyboard shortcuts I am going to get carpal tunnel.

Be careful of the gestures you use.

If they misread the gesture, they will eat everything.

(An episode of Stargate SG1 had a storyline 'bout this.)

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