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April 15, 2015


Dead humpback whale found stranded on Wash. coast

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Amazing creatures of the waters

Thar she blows!

seEennnd it to wWWwaaAASHingtooonn


The Oregon hiway department folks in Oregun have a proven plan for disposal (demolition).

What we need here is a textbook whale removal ...

Ok, since no one else has done it...


You get the TNT, I'll get the hot dogs and marshmallows.

There is a dead sperm whale washed up in Pacifica, CA too.

Send it to Vegas,
as I've heard casinos LOVE whales...

"While a precise cause of death is undetermined, it appears to have been natural" -- I guess that rules out murder, thank goodness.

I think one of the adult channels already has the rights for "Humpnado"

To quote Jimmie Walker, "Dy-No-Mite"!

I thought she was in Iowa.

Sorry Gary, murder is a likely cause, our beloved U S Navy uses massive amounts of sonar and other electronics that are the equal to torture [and even murder] to whales, who live totally with their echolocation abilities. This abomonation is equal to any tortute senor obummer uses at guantanamo.

Another sonar victim?

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