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April 22, 2015


Colorado man ticketed for shooting his computer; says it was worth it

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Ralph, Jay Brandes, Jon Harris, Craig Roberts, Allen at Division, Horace LaBadie, Gargoyle Socks and Charles Cates)


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Justifiable Cybercide. Windows 8?

If only!

Skynet will get him.

Was it Clippy?

No jury would DARE convict him....????

I'm leaving this article up so my computer can read it and take note.

Just upgraded at work. After the last three tries, I think this one is a keeper.

He only put 8 shots in it? Corgrats for the restraint!

Shooting was too good for it.

I still miss my Commodore 64. That was a computer.

"Angels sang on high" Gotta love it!

wanderer - my 1st was a texas instrument TI-99 - it was *hot*

(*seriously - that console would practically smoke!)

Very understandable. 20 years ago when I got my first puter, friend asked me if I had firearms. Of course I did. He told me to lock them up. He said, "Otherwise, sometime in the next month, you will get mad at your puter and shoot it." I found a sledgehammer much quieter and somehow more fulfilling 5 years later.

Notice it was a PC? My original Mac SE still runs just fine when I start it up once a year (Just because I can)

I only wish company job would have kept the two Lisa computers that we purchased back in 1982. They are worth about $25,000 each nowdays.

And I still remember my boss, sitting in front of a Mac, saying "Look! It draws objects with this thing called 'Mac Paint!'"

Right now I'm thinking of Glock anti-malware.

Ma Deuce is for mainframes.

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