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April 15, 2015


Drone delivering asparagus to Dutch restaurant crashes and bursts into flames

(Thanks to Rob Simbeck)


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I've had a similar reaction after carrying around a load of asparagus.

The asparagus was intended to accompany duck confit, so foul play is suspected.

Oh the humanity!

Paging Les Nessman to the Turkey Drop... Less Nessman to the Turkey Drop.

The Dutch takes their asparagus seriously

I hope there was plenty of butter and salt nearby so the delivery wasn't a complete loss.

I applaud the drone. Asparagus is an affront to nature.

the poor asparagus is now holland dazed

Simultaneous groan and kudos to ligirl. Where do you come up with this stuff?

WHen the customer complained about the bill, the waiter said:

"But sir, you ordered 'flaming asparagus' and the chef complied."

I'm certain The Flaming Asparagus Drones opened for Zorro and the Blue Footballs in the early '80s. I might have seen them at Parody Hall. OK, certain might not be the right word.....

There's a headline you wouldn't have seen in the 1950's.

Dave, I still think your next book should be titled

    Those Terrorist Bastards

HTML fail. Mea Culpa.

Roasted asparagus is pretty good. It's the aftermath that gets ya.

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