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April 16, 2015


Ada Sheriff deputy patrol vehicle destroyed after hitting cow

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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'ada boy

Why did the cow cross the road?

"If the cow's owner is found liable, Ada County will seek financial restitution for the vehicle, according to the sheriff's office."

If I owned the cow, I'd want a thorough investigation into what the officer was doing that made him not see the cow. Many things come to mind ..

Definitely a moooooving violation.

We played a lot of youth baseball in small towns. Small town police like to be seen as the boss. One time the boss didn't like the suggestion the he should move his squad car.

"I can park anywhere I want to," he growled when I suggested that his car wasn't in the best place.

A foul ball from batting practice missed his car by inches.

"Move it or don't move it. I don't car. I'm not a taxpayer here," I said. "But in the police report I will state that I warned you that your car wasn't in the best place."

I made sure to follow the speed limit out of podunkville.

The cows owner was cited for failing to provide the cow with regulation head, tail & brake lights and not using a seatbelt.

First, calling our client a "cow" is like calling Lassie a "dog".

She is a bovine person. You will not use the deragatory term "cow" in her presence, or the courtroom.

She had the right of way.

And now she can no longer give milk.

We are suing for %600 million.

The owner should be cited for criminal reckless endangerment as well as costs. Loose animals are dangerous. I hit an unidentifiable large dog one rainy night when it ran out in front of me; I barely saw it before it knocked me into the opposite lane and destroyed my alignment. Fortunately no one was coming towards me. That experience makes me fume every time someone rants about how cruel people are to hit their pets they let roam loose. If you can't control it, don't have a cow, man.

Don't half a cow, man!

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