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April 20, 2015


Penis returns to Hurricane, Utah restaurant's famous bull

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Imagine the labor work meeting that morning...

JOE: What've we got for today?
BOB: We're reattaching a giant penis to a bull.
JOE: Wait, whut?...
BOB: Dibs on attaching. You get to hold the giant penis while I attach it.
JOE: Ewwwww....

It sure sounds like he's going out of his way to upset his neighbors. (I have several friends in Hurricane.)

(Hurricane is right around the corner from La Verkin)

John Wayne Bobbitt should have been so fortunate.

"I'm putting the dick back up." I want that bumper sticker

It's 1968 all over again.

Was there a BOLO for it?

Frankly, I don't think I'd want to eat at a restaurant
famous for its giant penis or bull, IYKWIM...

A confused Clara grabbed the mic, and yells "Where's the beef?"....to thunderous applause.

Oh sorry, I was watching 60's TV in my mind...

Is this one of those cock-and-bull stories you hear about?

The surgical name for this reattachment is an "addadictome".

All Hail the Return of the King. This is an LOTR story , right>?

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