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April 27, 2015


NYC Airplane Cleaner Fired After Arrest for Thefts, Found With 1,429 Bottles of Liquor

(Thanks to Charles Cates)


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Hey, summer's coming.

He's either planning to start his own airline or run for Vice PResident.

jeez, the point is not to take booze, the idea is to Drank IT... ROOKIES!

Back in the day when airlines used to give you those little bottles, my father would collect them and give them to my grandmother, who proudly displayed them in her china cabinet.

One day, they had a visitor who wanted some whiskey, so my grandmother went to get the small whisky bottle from the case. My grandfather ran to stop her; he had drank all the booze and replaced it with tea or water. :)

♫ Take on down, pass it around,
1,428 bottles of booze on the plane ♫

make that one

"Wow, whwn you clean a plane, you reallly clean it.
Now tell us what you did with the engine."

in an alternate universe...

Well, at least she doesn't have a drinking problem.

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